Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In other news.

I interviewed for my job today. Re-read that sentence: I interviewed for MY job today. Not for a new job, but rather for the one I already have. So I've told you I love working in a school without walls, have I also mentioned I love all the rules and stipulations that go along with No Child Left Behind. Don't get me wrong, failing schools should have the right to fire all their crappy teachers, but the thing is -- DCPS guarantees everyone their job. I don't even want to explain how worthless that becomes. And to all my conservative friends, listen closely cause I'll only side with you on one or two things and this is one of them. UNIONS = YUCK!

I don't really have an alternative so likely this isn't a topic I'll pursue. But if any of you right-wingers want to give me some ideas I'll gladly hear them, you have power to persuade me on this subject. Just don't tell me Charter schools are the solution. Unless you want me to post a video of my self rolling my eyes at you.

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