Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's the Milk Chocolate!

My goodness, I should have known my mom would do it for her grandkids, but I still can't believe how many rides she rode at Hershey Park. Sweet little Jaedon wanted Grandma to go on EVERY ride with him. And amazingly she did!
Max was loving it. For a minute there he even said it was more fun than the zoo, but by the end he let me know he loved them the same.
Jaedon is such a pro on all these rides. He's going to miss Hershey so much when they have to move.
Couldn't get these three to pose together for the life of me. Jaedon was good, but between Livy's looking around and Max's silly faces this was the best I got on our little train ride. Sweet Livy came over and sat on my lap for the last half and that of course was my favorite part. She is such a doll. Matthew can't get over how much she looks/acts like Jon when he was little.
Like I said, Max was super brave (totally surprised me). And his Dad was definitely cheering him on. When he begged me and Grandma to go on this ride with him again right after him and Matt got off, Mom and I learned little Max wasn't suppose to be sitting all the way in the back with Matt. Shame shame Daddy.
Not the cutest picture of Max, I just liked the motion of the carousel.
So happy, at his favorite place with Grandma.
I think Max liked the games even more than the rides. This one even gave him a bear when he beat his dad. Max LOVES bears. I love that serious "gotta win" look on his face. FYI: this kid is so good at Wii Tennis. He honest goodness beat me and Matt repeatedly, we were really trying our hardest. It was a hoot.
I love how excited Ava was. I can only imagine she was sayin "I wanta see," while jumping up to look out over the ride.
Classic, good shot Laura!
So happy. Too cute!
One last ride with Grandma.
And one last game for Max. It was fun to have all the kids race each other, but I'd recommend telling the game guy not to give out the winning prize until the three loosing grandchildren have wandered off with their failure long forgotten. Well, except for little Livy . . . loosing out on a pink bear didn't faze her one bit. She's so cute. Ava cried so much her mom had to turn around and beat dad, and four strangers for that pink bear! My favorite was that Max said "See dad, I told you you should have let me help you," whem Matt lost to Laura. With Max's help maybe he'd have between his wife. My real favorite though, was that after Laura won a bear for Ava she was able to talk Max into giving his up to Jaedon and Livy. It was so sweet seeing him run up to catch them and pass his winning bear over, seriously the kid had already collected two other bears, he could handle the sacrifice. Then of course, when we went to McDonalds, he got a toy bear in his kids meal. Too funny.

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