Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Virginia may be for lovers but Pennsylvania has Intercourse!

Yes, that title is an actual fridge magnet I really wanted to buy big brother Matt. God bless the Amish. Intercourse, Blue Ball, and Virginville, how is that coincidental? They're a bunch of pervies! It was fun to explain the sexual implications of the second town to my folks. Sex ed for fifty-year-olds, that's rich.

I actually didn't really get any pictures of the Amish though, this was my third (or even fourth) time there, so there little buggies weren't so shocking anymore. Instead I enjoyed these two sweethearts.

And these two sour berries. They were so excited to play together. Too bad we were out in public, they kept running into people all over the place. It was kind of funny to me, maybe not to the strangers.
Jaedon had a little sleepover with Max at our hotel the first night. It was so fun to hear them giggle themselves to sleep. Ava was sleeping with me and she kept saying "Boys are laughing," with a big smile and a pointed finger each time their giggles would creak over into our room. I thought they'd never get to sleep.
Sharing Grandma's pecan loaf before Jon's breakfast waffles. The boys much preferred the waffles. I think this is the only bite either of them took. Why does grandma buy yucky pecan things?

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Mom and Dad Bassett said...

I have to agree with Grandma's purchase of yucky pecan stuff, but it seems that I ate almost all of it anyway. A true Petersen/Bassett...

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