Saturday, July 11, 2009

The polls are in . . . and the truth is:

I have a Mii for all those characters. Tricked you I know. I guess if we get technical the 3 of you who thought I was A-Liz, regular old boring me were the most right. Cause originally that was the only Mii I had. Problem was, one of my favorite games is the Mii game on Wii Play and they tell you if you really want to do well you need to have more Mii's on your Wii. So I got busy and made all the versions of myself I would like to be for a day or two. Asian Liz (which won with 5 votes) represents the spunky and hip me that I think I could get away with if I had an Asian face, and here's the real stereotype . . . Asian Liz plays all the Mario games, like Nintendo's Mario Brothers and Mario Kart. That just happened naturally cause Black Me (with her bitter attitude that I KNOW I'd have if I were black) has to play all the sporty games like Wii Play and Wii Sports. Gosh, I'm a racist aren't I? So far Sexy Liz hasn't played any games. I guess I'm reserving her for the day I have to get all those yoga and work out games. They look fun, but I hate to fit the pop-Wii middle-aged white lady stereotype. So I'll just continue to have Asian Liz conquer the video game aspect of the Wii and Black Me will kick butt on the sport games . . . cause I hate stereotypes :)

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