Wednesday, July 8, 2009

As good as I remember.

Today I invested $7.50 in a classic! I really remember close to nothing about Beaches, except that I fell in LOVE with Bette -- literally wanted her to kidnap me, being her daughter was my all time greatest dream (sorry mom and dad, I was like 7). My parents bought me the cassette, not the movie cause it is PG-13 (totally PG by today's standards). I sang my little heart out to that tape and waited for Bette to show up.

Anyway, all I really want to say is that I love chic-flics that focus on girl power. I never had sisters growing up so I relied heavily on gal pals. And I truly believe I had the best of them. Aren't they so cute! But I'm dying to know, who was the fourth dancer?
Poor Haley, we gave her so much crap for this picture, but looking at it all these years later still makes me chuckle right out loud. I love that girl! But seriously, I'm the one who should have been made fun of, what's the deal . . . I didn't have a bra so I had to use my belt line for support?

And I don't have any pictures of them . . . but a trip down childhood friendship lane wouldn't be complete without giving a shout out to Mandella and Beaner. I would never have survived a Sutherland summer with out Mandi. I love her and our memories together. And in hindsight I realize how much Shellene always meant to me, she was the first friend I totally called a bad word right to her face and she kept loving me anyway. As you learn from Beaches that is a real friendship.

Thanks girls!


Kim and Cory said...

I love those pictures of Haley!!

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Fun memories. Only thirteen more days! Pa

Heidi said...

I seriously laughed SO HARD! I have not looked at those pictures for forever! It's true, I chuckled out loud when I saw Haley with that ukelele! Your comment was pretty stinkin hilarious too. Anyway, thanks for being such a great friend over the years. Good times. Oh, and loved the comments about Palin. I think you and my dad should have a discussion about Dubya and Cheney. I think Cheney is the only person my dad really hates. It's really pretty funny hearing him talk about it. :)

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