Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh My Goodness . . .

For weeks I've been reading about how the GOP is a dying breed, but I never thought I'd actually get to see FOX news turn on their bright hope for the future. It is oh so entertaining. But please, read on . . . cause I'm not about to bash on Palin like this FOX news commentator.

I just want to have proof that I don't hate on all GOP leaders. I was trying to convince the father-in-law I used to defend Dubbwa during his early years. Of course Rick just scoffed and laughed at me, but it's true, I didn't always disapprove of Georgie. Sure I'd rather have had Al, or John . . . but when my party member lost I did (what too few of my elephant friends are doing now, and I decided to) respect and support my country's leader, no matter his party affiliation. But that could only last so long and near the end of 2006 I gave up. And finally stopped fighting my need to say things like "He just says unitellegent things sometimes" or "He's not that bad, it's the people he put in office with him, like Rumsfeld and Cheney." Eventually, after enough of his arrogance I did in fact start to loathe him.

Anyway, so about the topic at hand. I really believe Palin stepped down for the better of Alaska. Though her metaphor wasn't the greatest (super unoriginal) and her timing was disastorous, I do believe she stepped down because Alaska's time and money was being wasted with her in the lime light. I also agree that the media has been a little harsh with their attacks on her family. Do I blame the likes of Katie or Tina? Heck no! If it came down to Fey or Palin in 2016, I'd vote Fey. But guys like Letterman were a little out of line.

The one bright thing out of all this is it does seem to me like she doesn't want to run in 2012, and if she does she's pretty much blown her shot anyway, so it's all okay with me. Just remember, I do respect her decision and I really believe she had other people's interest ahead of her own. That, I really do admire in a politician . . . no matter their position.

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