Monday, July 6, 2009

Shaq's new hood

So I'm enjoying my deep fried oreo's, while everyone is watching Ben and Katie at the top of a lighthouse hill, when all the sudden Ben nose dives for his tuck and roll. They both go tumbling down when I figure out the two of them were racing. It was hilarious, and even more hilarious when their witty Aunt Linda says "Now you know how your underwear feels . . . when you take it out of the dryer," while they were trying to stand back up. We didn't get any pictures of the original race, so we made them do it again, and this time Lauren joined in on the fun. It was seriously hilarious! Like most of the weekend.

I'm so blessed to love my in-laws so much. And I'll even confess, I was a little put out when Ben told me we were sharing a room with Katie and Lauren, I was worried about privacy and what not -- but it ended up being so much more fun with them! I realize I miss the Szilagyi girls as much as I do my own family when we are apart for too long. And it has been too long. And I realize it's just going to get longer and longer as the family keeps growing.

Bizzie is getting married in October, Jamie and Brian are having the first little niece/grandaughter a month earlier. Plus this weekend we got to meet Sam's new man friend. Two thumbs up for Simon.

But back to our 4th festivities. Actually, there isn't much to say. We drove the 6 hours to Clevland, a town which lost much respect in my eyes now that Shaq's on the court. I wonder how my students feel about that? Still, the city on Lake Erie is gorgeous. We went a little ways out of town on Friday, to visit a haunted lighthouse that was featured on the travel channel. It was a quaint little town. The kind I could call home (always a small town girl at heart). They had a little carnival going on for the weekend and that made our lighthouse trip even more fun. It was my first time climbing a lighthous, and possibly even my first time seeing one. I'm sure, but possibly.

We spent most of the 4th relaxing at Linda's house. She's got a great back yard, fully equiped with a pool, fire pit area, and plenty of lawn chairs to veg out on. We did the fireworks at Bay Village, they were great. I always love watching the Bay High girls b-ball team fundraising. I don't know why but I always have a spot in my heart for girls b-ball players. Creepy I know.

It was definitely a five star vacation. Just getting me more excited for August and Christmas at the Szilagyi homefront. *See below post for pictures of the weekend.

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Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. In-laws make all the difference. I was fortunate to have the greatest on earth. Sounds like you come in a close second! Love, Pa

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