Monday, August 17, 2009

I don't usually

I don't usually write posts in response to comments (cause I don't usually get them). But I felt Kelli's question about how two public schools receiving the same amount of funds can be run so differently. I should clarify, Dunbar and Deal receive approximately the same amount of PUBLIC funds (which will technically change thanks to NCLB -- No Child Left Behind).

Total funds are a whole nother story. Though both schools have graduated their fair share of wealthy alum, Deal's list of famous graduates is a little more "elite." Ever heard of Warren Buffet? My dad hadn't, which shocks me cause he's pretty much the only person who has ever trumped Bill Gates on the wealthiest man in the world list since like the 80s. Buffet was king of finance until the '08 stock crash -- in which he lost about $28 billion. No worries though, he was only knocked down to third wealthiest man in the world.

Great thing about Buffet, like Gates, he is very generous and stronlg believes neither his children nor his employess should recieve a great fortune just for being part of his family/business. Rumor is he donated a large portion of the $72 million that went into renovating Deal. I'm sure another large chunck was raised by the very active PTA, residing in DC's wealthiest neighborhoods. Naturally, when a school's administration and parent force spend less time on discipline problems, they have more time to apply for grants available for big urban schools and time to write fancy proposals to guys like Buffet.

Dunbar on the other hand, was only able to raise about $2 million for their renovation. Though they too have a long list of famous graduates, stand up guys like Vincent Grey aren't about to throw away millions of dollars to a school that will most likely continue to fail. No matter how much he beams with red, white, and black pride for the Tiders, he's just smart enough to know Dunbar isn't prime real estate. It's very similar to how the government feels, if a school is failing funds deplete rather than multiply. Thus continuing the cycle of . . . failure.

But good news is, Dunbar has walls. Yucky vomit carpet is gone, as is most the old staff. And I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that Friends of Bedford turn it around. The laws and regulations of DCPS and NCLB will definitely make success difficult, as will the culture of the neighborhoods attending the school. But I maintain high hopes. Partly cause I really want my colleagues to be happy, but mostly cause I want America's future to have a chance.


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Oh la la!! I did to know who Warren Buffet was. If I remember the conversation correctly, you mentioned his name, and I said, "Isn't that the Bill Gates guy that's lots older and they're very good friends," to which you replied, "yes!" I know I am old fuddy duddy, but I do know who Warren Buffet is! Love, Pa

Liz Szilagyi said...

Sorry pops, must have been mom who didn't know.

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