Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last week

The end of my summer.

Last week Ben and I spent a few days in Illinois with fam.

Last week I fell in love with little Noah all over again, he is so sweet and fun. Miss him already.

Last week I swam in a clear blue lake and canoed through a marsh with honey, Liz, and Kevin.

Last week I ate yummy sweet corn and watched fireflies dance through dusk almost every night.

Hmmm, I heart the Midwest.


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

The midwest????!!! That depends... how far does the midwest extend west???

Jen said...

My summer ended last week too. The kiddies come back tomorrow! Oh, and I put a link to my class blog on my blog. You're welcome to anything on it!

Shilo said...

Hey!! I loved your organized comment on my blog! So awesome! And, yes, this is my first time reading Twilight. You'll have to send me your email and I'll email you what I think! :) Oh, and I prefer swimming in a lake, river or the res to a pool...I guess I might just be a little weird!!

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