Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another week gone by

I find myself at another Saturday morning, with out much to say. Saturday mornings feel like the only calming moments in my life lately. I love being so busy. Ben has night classes Tues and Thurs so I just stay at school until 7:15. You'd think I'd get a lot done, but somehow I still have piles of papers to grade. I'm helping out with Volleyball. It's nice not to be the head coach this year. It's also a nice chance to get to know students other than the 88 on my class roster. Myself and two other English teachers are going to start up the school newspaper. So many exciting things!

Outside the world of work. I hate health care insurance companies. Someone who gets paid to spend all day looking for claims to deny, found a reason to deny one of mine. I hope they enjoy their bonus! I was not nice when I called to have it reviewed. Let's just say it was a visit to my PRIMARY CARE physician. Since when do you have to pre-approve once a year check ups with your primary care physician? I'd get it if I was frequenting his office once a month. But I literally only go see him once every summer. That's worth charging me 2,000 dollars! Have I told you lately . . . that I think health insurance companies are the spawn of satan? These people need to be stopped, regulated, something. Slowly, they will destroy everyone.

Okay, on to more fun things. I love (insert picture of The Office here) and (insert picture of Parks and Recreation here). Seriously (NBC peacock logo goes here) is the best! Thursday nights revitalize me. Did anyone else think Community was a little disappointing. Why do people show all their funny stuff in the previews, it just takes all the fun out of watching the actual show/movie.

I also love Bones. Sadly, it is also a Thursday night show on ABC, CBS? No FOX . . . it's FOX. So I have to save it for Friday night on Well, Bones season premiere did not disappoint either. I'm so excited to come to an end of all my stupid summer reality shows. I never want to get hooked to those again, barf. Or those ridiculous things I use to watch on ABC Family. Why does summer TV have to be so terrible?

Well, that's a wrap. I hope I left you all satisfied. A little update, a little of my usual snarkiness, a little TV guide. What's not to love?


Heidi said...

HA! That's so funny about the extra second we celebrated at my house when we were kids. So, there you have it. It really did happen! We Drapers keep an astute eye on random things like that!

Devin and Chrissy said...

Hey its Chrissy! You took me off your blogger I am sad you did that :( How are you doing? I hope to hear back from you soon! I miss ya Liz

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