Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some events

I guess I'll make some post on what Ben and I have been up to lately, and not just another philosophical rant.

Last weekend was wonderful. I found out on Thursday that the Shakespeare free-for-all company was in town for the week and my sweet little Benjamin agreed to go the very next day. I left work as quick as I could and went to stand in line for about 2 hours. The show was one of my favorite stories (even though I've never read Taming of the Shrew, I love 10 Things I Hate about You).

While I waited I read my little Book of Mormon and the guy in line behind me asked if I was from out West. I chuckled and admitted to a life in Utah. He had grown up in SLC, during the WWII era. It was nice to speak with him and his company. Thanks the the printer-punching fool in my complex I'd forgotten some senior folks can be very delightful. I gathered he didn't consider himself a Later-day Saint. But he didn't harass me about that too much. Just the standard "women and the priesthood" routine. He said he was surprised that in this day and age the Brethren hadn't received any revelation on the matter. I was able to testify that having faith in a religion requires just that, faith. I also mentioned that I in no way ever felt less than equal simply because I wasn't given priesthood keys. He mentioned his old high school sweetheart served a misison with her husband on Borneo island when the Church was just new there, and she had told him the church struggled to grow there because of the lack of brethern willing to join and take on those priesthood responsibilities. I about dropped to the floor. "Borneo? Borneo, Malaysia!" I informed him I served my LDS mission there just five or so years after his old beau, I should have committed him to call her up and tell her the brethren of Borneo are as strong as ever.

I've missed Borneo a lot lately. I felt I needed a testimony boost so I read some of my old mission journals. Works like a charm every time.

Back to The Shrew. We didn't get any pictures of us, so to spice this blog up . . .
(Bianca and Hortensio)

I thought it was a great production. Comical, modern set, and Kat was as strong and independent a heroine I've always imagined her to be. But Ben, my sweet Ben hated it. So chauvinistic he complained. And he complained quite loudly all the way to the Metro, where another couple from the theatre caught up with us and asked all sorts of questions about why he felt so angered. I think the woman was VERY pleased to see a young man bothered by the thought of one man's need to tame (change) his wife so. Regardless, Ben did say he was really happy he went with me cause it was something I wanted to do that we could do together. Ahhhh, I love date night, especially when it involves Shakespeare for free!

Saturday we went to a BBQ with some of his Georgetown classmates. It was so nice to be with a whole set of married couples. I was sad we hadn't gotten to know these classmates before the beginning of his last year. One of the girls in particular was just cracking me up.

The week before we also got together with his LDS classmates for a "night before school starts dinner." Ben found out he has his night class with James, Karen (Jame's wife) and I were both relieved. We figured they'd fall asleep otherwise.

This week hasn't been as eventful. I stayed at school till about 8:00/9:00 the last two nights. I figured I'd just stay in the city and work until I had to go pick Ben up from his night class on Thursday. Then last night was Back to School night. I was able to meet many of my students parents, which was lovely. My favorite comment for the night was "You spent the last two years at Dunbar?" I nodded. "Those were your first two years teaching?" Yes they were I assured this mother. "Wow! Then you're good!" She leaned back and let out this sense of -- no worries -- for her child's English teacher. It was lovely.

I gave one of my colleagues a ride home, and turns out . . . she's from Elko Nevada. I love westerners. We actually live one apartment building apart from each other out in Crystal City. Ben nags me that I should carpool with her every day. But I told her I'm just not that reliable. Sometimes I leave at 6:30, sometimes 7:15. I think she'd rather take her chances with Metro.

How can I ever stop being homesick for this?

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Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Small world -- SLC, Borneo and Elko. You must always mind your p's and q's sissy! I love you. Wonder if Ben will ever tame his shrew!

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