Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Goals

Clear the air: the last post was satirical. Is it a compliment that some thought I was serious or should I rethink my attempts at satire? A real hum-dinger. Anyway, I think it's ridiculous anyone would pitch a fit over any president addressing the youth of the nation he/she has been democratically elected to protect/represent. Plus, I love that George I's speech was at the school I am currently teaching at! Life is so cool like that. The teacher who hosted him is even my team leader.

So about school. I'm going to set some goals. And if I post them on my blog I can never take them back. Right?
- Leave all the grading at school.
- Make my copies days in advance (weeks even)
- Only watch my Thursday night TV shows
- Help get the school newspaper going
- Never be late to work :)
- Contact all my students parents by October

Okay, that is enough. Remember my summer goals? I don't. I'll have to look them up and see how I did. That will be a later post.

Peace out. Oh! PS -- Totally random. I attended DMS as a teen. Our school mascot was . . . The Vikings. I now teach at DMS and the school mascot is . . . The Vikings. I attended DHS and the school colors were red, white and gray. First place I taught was DHS and the school colors were red, white, and black. Weird eh? From UT to DC, Americans aren't that creative.

Peace out, for real.


Chelle said...

Amen to your previous post. Holy cow. All I know is that we showed Obama's speech at my school and boy... I'm just not sure it was a good idea. It's really iffy to let a DEMOCRATIC president tell our nation's students to BELIEVE in themselves and to take RESPONSIBILITY for their own education and lives. You can obviously see what a slippery slope THAT could be.


And I'm impressed by your goals. I only have one so far. It is: survive.

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Love your goals, Bettylou. Best wishes. Go Vikings, go!!

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