Saturday, October 31, 2009

Real Small

So, since I've lived back East I've really had to convince people that when I say I grew up in a small town, I mean I grew up in a SMALL town. I think I came up with the perfect story.

When we were elementary tykes Heidi went to (I believe) DC with her fam and sent Haley and I postcards from the capitol city. Mine was addressed to Alizabeth Bassett, 4000 W, Delta, UT 84624. Haley's was addressed to Haley Petersen, near the res, Delta, UT 84624. We both received our postcards. Funniest part about the story, Haley's zip code was actually Hinckley, the next small town over.

My friend Mara is now convinced I grew up in a really small town. Today she and I drove down to Shenandoah for a fall hike. It was breathe taking. Absolutely gorgeous. Last weekend Ben and I went to Gettysburg, PA. I really need to post some pictures.

Maybe tomorrow.


chani said...

Thats so funny! But I totally believe it! My sister stacey lives in NYC now and she says the same thing about people not really understanding what she means by small town.

Alison said...

I wish there was a box to mark "Ooooo I love this!!"

Consider it marked.

Roger and Tasha said...

Hey Liz I just wanted to say Hi to you....Cute Blog!! :) Looks like things are going good for ya!!

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