Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun little tag

Go into your e-mail account and check out your most contacted friends/business addresses. I think it says a little bit about yourself.

Ali Hughes -- BFF
Benjamin Szilagyi -- Honey
CCW Primary -- Church calling
Christopher E Barr -- current coworker
Cynthia Mostoller -- current coworker/lifesaver
Dani Murray -- Church ball
Diana Hutter -- current coworker
Dina Epstein -- current coworker, she's GREAT!
Haley Petersen Skeem -- BFF
Jaclyn Mazzone -- current coworker
Jane Beckwith -- Old HS English teacher/family friend
Jen Hill -- BFF
Liz Szilagyi -- myself! :) I e-mail myself files for work all the time
Mara Hovancsek -- current coworker/lifesaver
Melissa Kim -- The Boss
Mr D - Boss #B
Neal, Diedre (DCPS-MS) -- Boss #C
Rob Otterstatter -- current coworker
Santiago, Benjamin (JHS) -- current coworker
Scott Bassett -- Ma and Pa Bassett

None of this really surprised me, except for maybe Ms Neal . . . I'd of thought Marie or even a colleague from Dunbar would have been higher than her. But, the data can't lie.

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