Monday, December 28, 2009


I need to get some pictures off Rick's camera. But our Christmas has been pretty great this year, with or without pictures to document it.

Sam (Ben's eldest sister) married Simon Ingram on Christmas Eve. It was a simple wedding, performed here at the Szilagyi homestead. Simon is a really nice guy and he seems to really love Sam and the Restored Gospel so we all approve.

All the Szilagyi's came home. Steve (Bizzie's new hubby) is spending two weeks here for his orientation. His super nice and loves to play games as much as I do, so I approve that one as well.

Little Allison is another new addition. Brian (Ben's brother) and Jamie finally got their little girl, and she is adorable. She's so easy going as well. Unlike her oldest brother Noah, but I love that that kid is a little ball of fire. I have so much fun with him. Most of Ben's sisters seem to prefer the littler ones, so I snatch Noah at every opportunity. With only three little ones and like 13 adults it's hard to find much bonding time with the nieces and nephews.

Illinois is as snowy as ever. It snowed pretty much all day on Christmas. But that hasn't stopped us from hitting the mall (where I got to spend my gift card at NY&C . . . Thanks Rick and Carol!!! they know me well). We also ventured out to see Sherlock Holmes -- which I highly recommend. It's one you should see on the big screen, don't wait for it to come out. The action and back drop are amazing on a 50 footer.

I love Ben's home ward. I feel like I know many of the members there and it just really feels like a real ward. It's been so long since I've been a part of one of those.

Well, I'll get pictures of the wedding up as soon as I get my hands on them.

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