Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Pet Peeves . . . East vs West

Paper bags are SOOOO over used in the East. It kills me!

"You don't have to put our milk in a bag." or "I can just carry that coke out in my hand."
-- Strange look from grocer.

And those street car vendors . . . kids buy a candy bar and they put it in a plastic bag. I had students come to school with a little cool aid pouch, drinking it out of a plastic bag. Why in the world did someone think people needed to drink capri suns out of a plastic bag is beyond me.


The news cast people out here are not very attractive. Which I LOVE!

As a kid I honestly thought you had to have a beautiful smile; with long, thick flowing hair; big enough boobs to pop just a little on top; and the best fashion in the world to get on as a weather lady, or even on site reporter. Your only chance of getting face time if you were ugly was if you were a 70-year-old man. So, despite my lifelong desire to go into broadcast journalism, I dropped my plans to report world news as a freshman in college.

Little did I know, across the country you actually just had to be good at your job. What you look like doesn't matter at all! I seriously love that! I watched this one weather guy just because he was super unattractive (rude, I know . . . but hey, that's the whole reason I DIDN'T change the channel) I knew he had to be good at his job in order to be on a main channel, prime-time news show. And guess what, he was GOOD! I could tell he wasn't just reading a screen, but actually knew what he was talking about.

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