Thursday, January 14, 2010

I LOVE my job!

And I really love it when I get to teach books that students eat up.

So today, we were making predictions (or wishes rather) about the outcome of the Animals on the farm. It was pretty commonly accepted that everyone wanted the horses to take over. So, I say "Okay, you would want Benjamin as President maybe, and like Boxer as Vice President, Muriel" (yes, I know she's a goat, but they wanted her in on the leadership) "could be over Public Relations or something. Tonia, what's your comment.?"

"Well, first," (then with all her sass she says) "having Boxer be Vice President is like having Sarah Palin be Vice President."

I BURST out laughing. Then thanked her, and maybe mentioned I couldn't wait to tell my parents she said that. Even though just the other day I got mad at this very class for being "so liberal."

I told them I hated teaching in UT cause all the kids were so conservative. Now I hate teaching in DC cause they're all so liberal. I love Obama as much as the next guy, but I can't even trick them into critiquing him. It is so frustrating!

Regardless, I loved the Palin comment. Can't believe I didn't have enough control to keep my chuckles in. Oh, well. Now my 3rd period knows I'm a Dem.

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Delta Bassetts said...

I hate to admit this, but I have never read "Animal Farm" so I don't know about Boxer's relationship to Palin, but if you couldn't wait to tell your parents, I'm sure it was a good one. How anyone can tolerate that woman is beyond me? She's just plain spooky!
Her book title "Going Rogue" fits her perfectly. If you haven't done so lately look up the word rogue! I think McCain's vetting committee must have picked out the title for her -- and forgot to check with Noah Webster first, like they forgot to do a thorough background check on the VP candidate! Shameful...
Love, Pa

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