Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm psychic

Since my "random pet peeves post," (just ten days ago) a DC law was created that charges shoppers 5 cents each time they want a plastic bag. Woo Hoo!!!

Some of my students have been complaining, I tell them to pipe down and love the Earth for a change.

I think this law should be in affect all across the US.



Kelli said...

That is smart. People will complain, but they'll start bringing their own re-usable bags.

Did you know in WV they have a 1 cent pop tax on all pop and West Virginia University gets millions of dollars from it each year.


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Okay, sis next time you come to visit I will hide all my plastic know the ones that line my garbage cans, the ones in my cupboard I re-cyle (but they eventually end up in the land fill), and the ones that come from Jubilee or Quality. Perhaps for Christmas next year you should buy mom and a dad a re-usable bag or two. I do walk to school,weather permitting, does that count for anything? I love ya to the moon and back!
With Love,
From your not so green mom (though I do love planet earth! and, I never litter!)

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

You should be so terribly proud of me. I went grocery shopping and I bought two bags! Guess what color they are????Green. So one baby step at a time I am going green.
Love ya to the moon and back. Mom

Utah Youngs said...

i agree! i love those reusable grocery bags and if i forget them i just buy another one instead of getting plastic! plastic just rips and you can't even fit very much into them!

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