Thursday, January 21, 2010

Public schools

I've spent the last two months filling out SOOOO many recommendations for my 88 different students. I think one girl in particular has given me about 8 total.

I can't believe 8th graders have to worry about getting into the right high school. Things in DC are definitely different. I feel so bad for them.

All this paper work got me thinking about the best options for students. And honestly, even though I KNOW DC has one of the worst public school districts in the country (top five guaranteed!), I would still send my child to a DC public school. Not just because I don't want to pay for a private school, or because I think charters are sucking the life out of education, but because I truly believe the best learning experience a child can have, takes place in a public school. There are at least three public HS I would send my child to. Except, one is all Black and I don't think I'd want my child to go to a school with such little diversity. The school I'd most encourage them to go to, has actually had a couple arrests just this year.

But that's what learning is, isn't it?

Besides, some teacher at the school the Obama's go to is currently under investigation for child molestation. He's been at the school for over 20 years. Obviously, private schools aren't a guarantee.

I'll take my chances on public.

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