Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ben and I had the most horrible drive here. Poor Ben, he had to drive through hours of a snowstorm. The storm really wasn't that bad, but as the sign says, West Virginia is Wild and Wonderful. Even the interstate was so windy and curvy. That, plus no snowplow in sight made things a little difficult. Our 7 and a 1/2 hour trip quickly turned into nearly 12. Ugghhh.

Other than that, I love this place. I feel so much more at home in small towns, spread out country, and MOUNTAINS!!! I really have loved my city livin' (and yesterday my students told me I seem like a real city person, whatever that is suppose to mean). But I really am ready to get back to small town USA.

I just went out to McDonald's. The workers were so friendly, a stranger told me how much she liked my purse, and then at the grocery store . . . the cashier didn't even get mad at me when I didn't notice I needed to hit the "yes" button for my debit card to go through. She actually even laughed when I apologized for being distracted by all the hair I was busy picking off my coat. Gotta love it!

The most expensive pair of jeans I've seen (no, I have not been able to kick the habit of noticing everyone's jeans since I left the Buck 3 years ago, call me creepy, I don't care, but I stare at the back pockets of your jeans every time I see you. Anyway, only name brand in Kentucky) has been American Eagle. Most people just have sweats on: Kentucky University gear in support of today's game (which, yes I am watching in my hotel room right now). Gosh, I just love it. I feel like I already like myself better here.

I heart small towns surrounded by MOUNTAINS!!! Pray Ben gets a job offer.


Shilo said...

Oh yes, West Virginia is wild and should see some of the back roads we get to drive on!! We try to avoid them as much as possible during the snow!! Good luck to Ben! Stinks that your drive took so long!!

Lauren Szilagyi said...

No I'm hoping for Wisconsin my mom needs some more family there!

Alison said...

Mountains just add an incredible amount of special and beautiful!

I'm excited for you and another adventure. I hope the interview goes well!

Ashlee said...

Liz, it's ashlee Mcallister Millar. Liz Hale's old roomate at USU. Remember me, I don't think I've seen you since before your mission. A while back I stumbled on your blog and you on mine but then I just forgot about it. But then today I checked it out. Are you living in Kentucky and it sounds like Lexington (which is where I live. If so email, and lets get together

Scott and Claudia said...

I vote for Salt Lake City or better yet...Delta! Go Ben go.

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