Saturday, February 20, 2010

My vote

Weather wise, I don't think those storms count as a natural disaster.

For the record, I do think the federal government should "bail" DC out of the financial mess of all this though. And that's why some were talking about making it a natural disaster. I don't think VA or MD deserve help. So that probably won't work.

I just feel like the federal government has ripped off DC too many times. It's not like any other place, the elected officials create laws and let the people vote on it, THEN the federal government has the final say. How is that fair? DC is notoriously liberal, the government rarely passes the laws DC's citizens vote for. As a result, yes, I think the government should help DC with this chaos. After all, where does the government do all it's work?

One point worth mentioning. If the mountain states of the West received the kind of summer DC gets it would be catastrophic. Not just the 100 degree weather with the 100 percent humidity. That alone would get the people all worked up. But the rains would destroy all the crops. Any field that wasn't planted with corn would be ruined. The soil wouldn't soak up the moisture and there would likely be flooding all over.

It's geography baby. Certain places just weren't meant to handle certain weather. Any amount of preparing DC could have done still wouldn't have softened the blow. Still not a natural disaster. But to make up for the crap DC residents go through, I'll donate some of my tax dollars to help.

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The Briggs Clan said...

HI! I finally have a moment to leave ya a comment... so there ya go!! ;D. Thanks for posting posts that keep my brain turning, even if we don't always agree on things I appreciate a person who is willing to put the real YOU out there! Luv ya! Hopefully some time in the future, we will be able to get together again! :).

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