Monday, April 5, 2010

AHHUGHH! (my mad at the state of Nevada sound)

I owe BYU an apology.

How can I not love a school that invites Harry Reid to lead a fireside where he was asked to share his conversion story as well as his beliefs on how being a Democrat fits with the LDS standards. Love that! Seven thousand in attendance. Totally different contrast to a stake fireside he was invited to speak at in his home state. The fireside was canceled because it's planners feared it would turn violent.

"Organizers of the fireside reportedly received e-mails and phone messages threatening that if Reid spoke before the congregation, they would heckle him inside the chapel and harass him with demeaning signs and slogans." -- Associated Press

Oh, now isn't that just what the Church teaches us to do?!?!?! I can't believe ANYONE would think it is ever appropriate to take a political or hate sign into a chapel. At least I just leave it all on my blog. Who are these people? Sorry I don't like Beck, but at least I have enough faith in my church leaders that if they asked him to speak at a fireside I WOULD NOT HAVE THAT REACTION!!! I'd just stay home and keep my mouth shut about the whole thing.

My second reason for apologizing to BYU . . . professors there openly speak out against Beck's Fox News commentary. A couple of professors have become go to's for the press whenever Beck says something ridiculous.

How can I not like a school that tries to promote Reid's conversion and politics, but stands up against the things Beck says that just simply don't align to gospel doctrine.

BYU, you have my sincerest apologies. I'll still never send any of my offspring to you . . . but maybe I'll stop rolling my eyes when I hear you mentioned as though you are all high and mighty. Maybe.


Scott and Claudia said...

You are too too too too funny my child. I should never have told you about the Harry Reid affair in Nevada. You are indeed my child because of your ever constant over-reactions!
As hurt as I felt for Harry as a result of the shun, it is those who reacted in a very unChristlike manner that I truly feel hurt for.
Unfortunately I cannot cast the first stone, as I am not without my own multiple problems!
Take an aspirin and go to bed!
Love, Pa

Liz Szilagyi said...

Sure, I might love the dramatics . . . I almost cried when I read one story about his son's ward's trunk or treat . . . but at least I channeled my emotions in the right direction and wrote him that Thank You note. Yes, it is hand written. Twice.

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