Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nesting? For real?

Another week has come and gone.  How does time manage to pass so quickly and so slowly all at once?

I can't say that I'm loving pregnancy so much anymore.  What is this nesting business other women talk about?  I am EXHAUSTED 24hours a day.  Seriously I went to bed at about 8:30 the last two nights and I still have no energy.

Maybe it's the runny nose and sore throat.

Or the 106 needy teenagers (more like the handful of needy parents that accompany them).

Or the never ending list of demands DCPS administrators come up with.


I can't believe it's really at that moment where my little baby could come any minute now.  Hopefully the classes we took at the hospital will help me cope with the terror of a human crawling out my ... you all know the anatomy.

Here are some pictures from last weekend's shower.
 Linda is on the left.  I seriously don't think I could have survived that first year in DC without her. 
Courtney is the young firey thing that was pegged in the head with a brick, rushed to ER, and back at school the next day -- with staples so powerful she beeped when trying to go through airport security that weekend.

Gosh -- I'm huge!
Nicole and Mara (the two next to cute baby Addison) are the girls who threw the shower for me.  Darcy and Callie were also there, but Callie left before pictures.  I really have been blessed to work with the most amazing women these past four years. 


Marmie said...

Hang in there's amazing how quickly you will forget this time and be thrilled and actually excited to be pregnant again. Take care..we love you and are thinking of you often. Rick and Carol

Polly Blevins said...

God made it so that women would forget. Otherwise, one child would be all anyone had. 1 year (you don't get much sleep the first few months) is a long time to be tired. I hope your labor is smooth and easy. Some are you know. I am so excited for you.

Scott and Claudia said...

Yes, I agree Linda was your angel at Dunbar! Nice to meet her via internet! Looks like a wonderful time at the shower and you look great sis! You are not hugh, but baby Reid certainly is growing! Can't wait to meet him in person and he better have his daddys curly blond hair! Or grandma may just have to buy him a wig! Love ya! Mom

Casie said...

You look so cute! I swear every other woman has cuter maternity clothes than I have ever found. :) I hear ya on the being exhausted while teaching part. That's exactly how I felt when I was pregnant with Brig (although, my teaching 3rd graders was much more low key than your job.) I will say though that two days before I had Brig, major nesting hit and I made Josh scrub baseboards at our house, doors, EVERYTHING had to be cleaned. :) So maybe yours is coming. Good luck!

Troy and Lisa said...

I found your blog on facebook...I'm such a stalker! Congrats on the baby and good luck!!

Alison said...

I nested at about week 25, so lucky for me, I had a little more energy and a little more breathing room :) You look so great. I showed my Mom these pics and she couldn't have agreed more. We can't wait to get the cross-country news that our favorite Lizzie is a mommy. Love you lots!

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