Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday's Thoughts

I'm going to miss
  • giggling at Reid every time he decides to do the wave (or sometimes what feels like an Olympic high dive) in my belly
  • yelling "you're gonna let a pregnant lady beat you up the stairs" as I walk my students back to class from fire drills and assemblies.   
  • everyone in the Metro trying to convince me to sit down (how do I explain that at this stage getting up and down wastes more energy than simply standing).
I really have loved being pregnant.

I had a baby shower today.  Hosted by two of my darling DC friends.  It was so fun to have a room full of Dunbar buddies and Deal buddies.  In the four years I've lived in DC I've really only had time to make friends with other DCPS employees.  It's pretty much my life.

I love the school I'm at right now.  But I do miss those hoodlum kids.  Linda and Courtney may have been lying, but they said the kids still talk about me.  I hope that means they learned something, even if it was just that someone did love them and care about their future.

When Linda started one story with "Only the kid from jail caught on to the irony in our text..."  I missed telling those tales.  The whole room busted up laughing, and I just thought "that statement is no big deal to her."  Some of my favorite students were the ones who transferred right out of juvie.

Courtney could dig at the scar left by the staples used to sew her scalp back up after she was clunked in the head with a brick.  Projectiles of all sorts were a natural occurrence in a school with no walls -- no structure -- no discipline.   

Those are the warrior stories we share, and still people want to say teachers aren't doing enough.    


Elise said...

You may not know me but I remember you and shara, my cousin were friends, and I found your blog through her, but I love your posts, they have so much feeling to them. Just wanted to let you know they make me happy!! It's like when it rains outside and you snuggle up with a good book that's how I feel when I read your blog!! Thanks! Also your job and kids sound awesome

Polly Blevins said...

I think the only people who think that teachers aren't doing enough don't want to raise their own kids. I personally think that teachers have to do way too much. Kudos to you and your fellow teachers.

Scott and Claudia said...

So nice of your DC friends to give you a baby shower! How fun was that! Can't wait to see you, Ben, and baby Reid. Only 19 more days!!! Mom

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