Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 2

So this is one I'm editing.  It's a marriage between day 2 and day 12.  They're both kind of pointless, so I'd rather just get them over with together.
Meaning behind your blog name, how you found out about blog, and why you have one

  I've always had the habit of talking to myself, and after blogging for about a year, I realized that this blog is just that . . . me talking to myself . . . over the internet . . . through writing.  Which sounds a little more complicated than just talking to myself behind closed doors.

Originally, blogging was intended to help Ben and I stay in touch with our families. I foolishly thought we'd both post on here, so I had Ben come up with the url, and he wed our two names together -- like we're Hollywood.

I don't know how I found out about blogger, but I've been a junky ever since.  First, I started one for the whole Bassett family (but now we each have our own so it's been shut down).  Next I made one for the Szilagyi clan.   Then came this one, my reading one, my triathlon one, my teacher one, and now Reid's.  Yup, I'm a blogger geek.  My friends and I also have one (but I didn't make it).

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