Friday, November 26, 2010

Photo Shoot

When I wrote Reid's one month update (two posts down), I realized I should probably be taking more pictures of my baby.  As for now, I don't really regret not having professional newborn pics taken, but someday I might . . . so I figured Ben and I better practice some at home photo shoots. 

I'm sure they'll get better as we experiment with different poses and backgrounds -- but as for now that model is all we really need in order to make it cute!


Scott and Claudia said...

What a cute lil Szilagyi boy!!! So alert! Excluding the last photo when he looks like he had too much egg nog! No longer looks newborn. Though he still looks like his daddy to me! What a cute lil guy he is! Missing my little family!!!! Mom xooxxoxoxoxo

Jodi said...

Oh my! He is SO cute!

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