Thursday, December 30, 2010


As usual, I created our family Christmas Card on iPhoto this year, and as usual I didn't order it in time to mail them out for the holidays.  With all the chaos (and cost) involved with this move it just wasn't a priority . . . but I was proud of how incredibly CHEESY my greeting was.  So I guess I'll share it here.

"Each year brings us greater happiness. On Valentine’s we discovered we were expecting our first little Szilagyi. We shared the news with our families on April Fools. We toured New York City just before Easter day, hiked Shenandoah National Park over Memorial weekend, and camped on Assateague National Seashore for our anniversary (Canada Day for Canadians).  But our greatest celebration arrived just short of Halloween -- Reid is the perfect treat!"

Makes me laugh each time.  I'm so corny!

Four pictures were also in the card.  I guess I'll add them for your enjoyment.

Walking through Central Park

Ben's Graduation from Georgetown Law School

Enjoying Reid Scott

The newest addition to our family

Wishing you the best Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year!
 Love -- Ben, Liz, and Reid


Scott and Claudia said...

Honey -- I love your card ideas. And the pictures were adorable. I guess I'll just have to print them off for my scrapbook. We didn't even get a baby announcement, but thanks to your blog, we got to see what it was going to look like!
Happy New Year!!!

Casie said...

I like corny. I'm the same way. :)

Scott and Claudia said...

Yes, we do love our lil treat! Best Halloween ever and oh so sweet! Mom xxooxxoo

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