Monday, December 6, 2010

Smore pictures of the weekend

I may or may not retell these events with actual words; but for now, I have just a few more pictures I love and therefore have to share.  
 No words needed here.
 We took a gazillion pictures and of course we are all looking at a different camera in each one.
 That, or Reid looks like a wobbly drunk.
Prop him up Dad!
Three generations of Szilagyi men.
 I might have to pass this one along to my sister-in-law Mel to crop out that shadow.  She has become a skilled photo editor.  And this one will be perfect when the shadow is gone.
This last one may not fit in with the rest, but I'm still just so pumped I got to wear that shirt again.  I'm also a little bummed that with all the Aggie gear we have lying around our house, my husband chose the wrong shirt. 


Scott and Claudia said...

Love those photos of my baby with his loving and doting family members! Especially the photo of Reid and Grandpa B. relaxing in your new glider. How cute!

Scott and Claudia said...

Thank you so much for the marvelous weekend. You two were the perfect host and hostess. I loved my baby time with little Reid. He is so precious. It was great seeing Rick and Carol again -- like you said Liz, you have wonderful in-laws. You are very blessed in that department and I am happy for you.
When Mom asked me what my favorite part of the weekend was (apart from loving on Reid) I had to say Sacrament Meeting. Ben gave Reid a very beautiful blessing and the testimony meeting was a treat. I was truly fed spiritually and I appreciated that.
I absolutely loved the temple at night, the BB game between Georgetown and USU, Ben's birthday dinner and the National Christmas Tree (haha!). Your meals were scrumptious and the company beyond description!
I'm missing you all terribly. I love you tons.
Pa and Grandpa!!

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