Sunday, December 5, 2010

These pictures are in no order, and I  don't make any promises to have their captions help you piece them together.  It's far past my bedtime; at the end of a long weekend.  But possibly one of the best, so I have to get these out onto the interweb before I miss my chance.

World's best mother-in-law.  Couldn't have asked for a harder working, fun loving woman to spoil my kids (and even Ben and I).
 Lights at the Temple
We should have thought to point our eyes down at Reid, but still a pretty cool shot.
 I just love all the different expressions you can capture.
He is happy so long as dad is the one giving the bath.
Dream come true.
And yes, my baby is posing on a garbage can.
Don't judge me.
It's so fun to watch other people love your child.
Fulfilling really.
And I especially love watching him study their faces.  Grandpa Bassett got the biggest smile I've ever seen Reid give.  That was a truly rewarding moment, even though I only caught it from an angle.

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Scott and Claudia said...

I loved his smile. I got three of four, but when you were there was one of his best. I do believe Reid has your chin and crooked smile. Of course the double chin comes from Grandpa B. I'm missing my baby!!!
Love, Pa

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