Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Elevated

Tonight, we shoved three blankets under Reid's mattress, per nurses orders. So I'm really curious.  Will he:
a) slow down on the frequency of his nightly/morning up chucks
b) finally sleep for more than 4 hours at a time or
c) wake up scrunched at the bottom of his crib.


I can't get over how ironic it is that at 3 months he is sleeping like a newborn.  When as a newborn he slept like a 3 month old.  I just wish he could tell me if it is the move that upset him, his cold, a growth spurt, a stomach bug, or seriously disastrous reflux.  Most likely, it's a bit of each.


I'm sure there is an end somewhere.   But in the meantime I'm loosing the golden month of "sleep training" to all the worst sleeping habits on the planet.  Last night, I literally held him ALL night long.  Then today, three of his four naps were taken in his car seat (which I placed in his crib).  That one came per nurses orders as well.  Gotta love when your pediatrician's office is telling you to do all the things all the "sleep training experts" tell you NOT to do.


Let me know how you think operation baby elevated will go.  And I'll be sure to give an update.  Unless it is C, cause then I'll just feel like a really crappy mother.  :)



Scott and Claudia said...

I'll put a little seroquel in the mail tomorrow. I think his brain's overactive. That'll shut'er down for awhile. Should be good for eight hours, at least!
Maybe you just need to let him cry a little -- 10-15 minutes never hurt anybody -- heck we used to leave you in your crib for an hour or so wailing your little heart out, and look how great you turned out -- on second thought...
Relax and enjoy...
Love, Pa

Casie said...

I'm sorry, Liz! If it is any consolation, we had to prop Jaren for like the first four months of life because he always had a cold or was congested. (Moral: don't have a winter baby...haha.) Anyway, I know how it goes and it's a bummer. I don't think it'll be option C though. If you're worried about him being scrunched, take a couple baby blankets, roll them and kind of nudge them like a liner to his body and it'll keep him from sliding too much in his sleep. It helped with Jaren anyway. GOOD LUCK!

Troy and Lisa said...

Well, option c happened to me, so maybe I'm the terrible mother. I tried propping my girl's crib for a cold, and she turned horizontal and was at the bottom of the mattress. So I found the carseat and bouncer were better vertical options, but I've heard great things about propping the mattress from others. Good luck sleep training. Right when I feel like I'm getting the hang of it, she gets sick, or a tooth, or growth spurt or something to mess it up again! My bishop's 8 year old still wakes him up in the night. I guess sleep is just years away for us moms!

Tami Kate said...

Liz I know the last thing you want is to hear 'advice' but just in case you are in the mood :) if it is tummy we had that problem A LOT. We had the mattress propped for a long time and for us it worked great. but we also gave her "gripe water" here you can find it at good earth (it is all natural) Smiths also carries it. If you see it, it is worth a try. If you don't see it let me know I will mail you some. :) Good luck mommy- remember you know what is best, trust yourself.

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