Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our New Pad

These pics are for my folks . . . as I know our last place of residence worried them a bit.  And Mom, once I figure out how to get phone pictures onto my computer I'll send you your Elmer Fud baby.
Reid's bedroom.  
We love that we can fit two chairs (the corner piece to our sectional).  It makes our bedtime routine -- of me feeding and Ben reading -- much eaiser.

 Reid's bathroom/Laundry room
the laundry is that closet you can see in the mirror
The Master Bedroom, taken as you walk in.

Taken as you stand at the bathroom door.

The Master Bathroom (just a stand up shower).

Sorry, no pictures of the living area.  The front room is covered with this rascal's "stuff" and the dining room still isn't totally unpacked.  So instead you must enjoy these.

His feet don't really touch the ground yet, but he's still figured out that if he jumps the lights and music come on.  Notice the chunky fists and mouth full of drool.  That's my boy!


Scott and Claudia said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!
That is one adorable baby you have! Can't wait to see him again.
I love your place. It looks so nice. Mom and I won't be out until sometime this summer so you've got about four months to get unpacked in the front room, kitchen and dining room. Your bathrooms are awesome and I love Reid's room. I am so proud of Papa Ben reading to his baby every night. Can't wait to watch that in action.
Love ya tons.

Mel said...

Looks nice and roomy! Can't wait to see the rest.

Scott and Claudia said...

Well, the bathrooms certainly are mucho better than your last place!!! Actually, the entire thing looks great. Dying to see the kitchen and frontroom so get busy unpacking girl! Tell that grandson of mine to quit growing so fast (he is so cute) and yes I certainly hope he does not end up scrunched at the bottom of his crib! Wish I were there to help and you could get some much needed rest.

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