Friday, February 25, 2011

I lied

I can't refrain from posting politics.  I am politically motivated.  And when the leaders who write the laws that directly affect my family appear to be idiots, I e-mail them.  On the flip side, when they are passionate about protecting my rights, they get a thank you.  

Today I got to write one of each . . .

Hi Rep Hintz,

I just moved to Wisconsin from the DC area and I'm saddened by the political affairs of this state.  My family was really looking forward to making a long life here.  My husband is a State Public Defender, and after I raise our family I would like to get back to work as a Public school teacher.

Unfortunately, the new Budget Repair Bill passed by the State House will probably have a direct impact on our decision to stay in the Oshkosh area and serve the community here.  I know you were on our side, to vote down the Bill, so I just wanted to thank you for being passionate about keeping working class families in the area. 

I'm deeply upset that my family just spent thousands of dollars to move our lives from the East Coast to a place we thought would be a great opportunity, only to realize this is not a place we can stay and serve.  I cannot see any future for us in a job where my husband will get no step increases and the teachers have no right to bargain for smaller class sizes and other necessary rights. 

Thank you for all you do.  Keep fighting this!

Mr Hopper,

My husband and I moved to Oshkosh, WI just six weeks ago.  We were thrilled to find a place we felt we could raise our family and serve our community. 

We are both deeply saddened and greatly upset by the political affairs of Wisconsin.  I hope you are serious about "working with . . . (your) colleagues on both sides of the aisle," and are willing to reach a compromise that will end all this nonsense.   As far as I can tell, the leaders in Wisconsin do not work together.  The state employees are accepting the Govenor's 8% pay decrease.  This is very generous, and should be acknowledged as such.  Letting these workers, who serve Wisconsin communities with great diligence, keep their bargaining rights is very little to ask. 

I cannot see how the State of Wisconsin plans to retain well educated government employees when they create such hostile political conditions.  Your government employees serve you and your family.  Please stop attacking them, and show them the respect they deserve.

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Scott and Claudia said...

Well written letters my dear. Who is Mr. Hopper? Let's pray reason prevails. There was a poll in the newspaper that said 68% of Americans favor unions and collective bargaining. Where is your governor and legislature coming from? He sounds crazy if you want my opinion. Maybe he needs some of my meds...
Love, Pa

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