Monday, March 7, 2011


I realize all my political "complaints" may cause others to see me as unpatriotic.  Even my own mother recently told me to move back to Singapore if I was so unhappy in America.

More recently, someone close to me asked Democrats to follow JFK's heed and "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."  I knew this facebook post was directed at me, so I took time to answer.  Here I'd like to give an even longer reply, cause that is what this blog is for.  My heart and soul.

I've spent the last four years educating the children of this country.  Especially those others so readily turn their back on.  While I was student teaching one teacher turned to my cooperating teacher (while I was standing right there) and in a very rude tone asked "Why on Earth does she want to teach those kinds of children?"  She couldn't even ask me that question to my face.  I tried very hard to ignore the intentional insult she threw at me, instead of responding "Because "those kind of children" are the ones who need it most!  They are the ones Christ will more readily forgive, and the ones our country is so eagerly forgetting." 

I've voted in every presidential election possible,  even when I was on the other side of the globe.  I've tried my darndest to vote in all local and state elections as well.  I do this because my father taught me that to not vote is even worse than voting for a Republican.  Let me paint a picture for you, of the one election I missed.  I was two weeks into recovering from the birth of a ten pound baby.  I tried my hardest to get baby and I both ready to go when my husband came home from work.  It was still too uncomfortable for me to drive, so being chauffeured and taking baby along was my only option.  It was getting late and I hadn't eaten dinner, but still I stood in the long line at my local library.  And when I reached the front I was told I was suppose to be at a nearby hotel; I could not vote at this library.  We sped over to the hotel, and arrived two minutes late.  I cried.  My candidate won, but still I cried.  Maybe it was postpartum, but my heart ached at the realization that I did not get to cast my ballot.  It should also be noted that I never cast a ballot without doing my research.  There have even been times I considered voting for the Republican candidate.  But my research has always steered me another way.

But my response to this facebook post didn't include any of the above.  It simply stated that my family is currently willing to loose $150 from each bi-weekly pay check in order to help her native State "repair" their "budget."  All we ask in return is that as public servants we be allowed to voice our opinions in matters regarding our work conditions.

If all these things some how make me unpatriotic, so be it.  If my questioning whether or not the "American Way" is the best way makes you uncomfortable, please pay for my move to Singapore or a long list of other countries.  Somewhere I can live knowing my sacrifices to help educate our future and Ben's sacrifices to help keep our community safe would not go unappreciated.  Somewhere we won't be asked to sacrifice our income in order to help a wicked Govern repay the billionaires who put him in office.  And most certainly somewhere we wouldn't be attacked by so called patriots for trying to voice our opinions on matters they may not agree with. 

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Scott and Claudia said...

So honey you want me to pay for your move to Singapore? Guess I need to apologize for that statement! So sorry. Really, I would love it though if you moved back to good ole Republican country, a.k.a. Utah! Missing you, Ben and baby Reid!! XOXOX Your Mom who is proud to be an American, a Democrat, and your mother!!

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