Monday, April 18, 2011

Half the Fam Damily

Our visit to UT was worth all the hassle.  Phil and Kristina picked us up from the airport and took us right to Costa Vida.  Yum!  Reid was busy falling in love with Kristina while I scarfed down my burrito.  Oh how I wish they'd expand.  To Oshkosh, WI please!

The drive home was great.  A good layer of snow covered all the spring-green sage brush.  Also, we had to slow to a stop for a herd of sheep as they crossed the road.  Oh, home.

Kristina is fabulous and I'm still wondering how Phil snagged her up.  They are perfect for each other, but I still have to get use to the idea that my little brother is all grown up.  I know he's almost 25, but it sure seems like he should still be a kid who thinks girls have cooties.

We pulled a good one on my Ma and Pa and had them convinced my flight was cancelled yet again and I was headed back to Wisconsin.  My mom sounded pretty ticked, and even Ben helped convince her, her darling Reid wasn't coming . . . but then she remembered the internet world and looked up my flight number.  It just took her an hour or so to figure that out, but then we were busted.

The house was chaos when we arrived and I loved it.  Reid screamed, so Isaac screamed, then Reid stopped so Isaac stopped, then that got Reid all scared again . . .  you get it.  Ava wore the jammies I brought her all afternoon and Max just couldn't wait to beat me in Pollyanna.  Those kids sure are cute ones!  I guess they told their mom and dad "the baby" was their favorite part of the weekend.  Max was such a good helper.  Sunday morning (after beating me in Pollyanna and watching me run barefoot through the snow in the backyard -- that was the bet, had I won he would have had to hug and kiss his little sister and like it! he pushed her away earlier when she tried -- well now the parenth is bigger than the sentence, which is ...) he watched Reid while I got ready for Church.  His job was simply to make sure Reid didn't roll off the bed; Max giggled each time Reid rolled toward Max.  "Lizzie, he's trying to snuggle me.  He loves me."  Then I'd walk in to find the two smashed up against each other and Max would be rubbing Reid's back, the two of them just smiling at each other.

My mom cooked up two of the best meals I've had in a while.  Salmon and roast.  Not together, Salmon was Sat and Roast on Sunday.  They were so heavenly.  I love my meat!

Aunt Syd and Uncle Howard stopped by Saturday and they are just as loud and fun as ever.  Howard just about gave Reid his first helping of chocolate pudding.  Ben laughed and said he would have gone along with it if he had been there.  I'm sure that would have been a great intro to solids.

Very quickly Sunday afternoon the whole house just quieted right down and Reid took a couple naps on Grandma's belly while we all watched TV.  Even if it was only half of them, it sure was nice to see my Bassett Fam.  Now I just need to make a stop in Nebraska!


Laura said...

So sad that we missed all the fun! Max sure loved Reid. He was bragging about how Reid loved him best of all. Matt and I can't wait to meet the little guy!!!

Scott and Claudia said...

Such a wonderful week! It's been awfully lonely around here without little Reid and my favorite girl. We have been able to talk in our regular voices though and that's been nice!
You gotta get the little guy used to noise Mama, or should we stay in a hotel when we arrive in June? Bassetts are NOT quiet -- you know that!!!
Love, Pa

Jaime Cox Bassett said...

I wish I would have known you were here we would have loved to see you and meet that cute lil boy- I am so glad you had a great visit, your mom n dad r the best!!! LoVes

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