Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Three things that bug me about the Will and Kate nonsense.

1)  I'm sorry, I don't care what (thankfully not incest) runs through his blood . . . Ben is my Prince.  And we shouldn't pretend like only a lucky few can have such a fairytale.

2)  The news angle that Kate is just a "commoner" practically has me rolling my eyes right out of their sockets.  Her "lowly" circumstance is suppose to convince me that any Cinderella really can wear a glass slipper?  Yuck! Yuck!  I want to go find a ship full of fancy British Tea and throw it all overboard.  So her great-great-Uncle was a criminal . . . why does that make it so special for her to marry a prince?  Do we really still believe marriage is a match of family circumstance?  I thought Jane Austen died a long time ago.  And as far as I'm aware the world frowns upon India's caste system.  So Barbra, please tell me why you want to focus on Kate's flight attendant mother? Serious barf fest.

3)  But what should bother me (and the rest of humanity) most -- the money!  If they turned the budget on the wedding into a charity for a small African Nation (say, Sierra Leon, the poorest country in the world) they could end child poverty for it's citizens.  They could educate Doctors who could cut the infant mortality rate in Asia by half.  Vaccinate South America.  Build the tools necessary to provide CLEAN DRINKING WATER in the Sudan!

Really, is that level of sanity too much to ask?

Apparently so.   


Scott and Claudia said...

Frankly, my dear, I love the royals and am planning on getting up Thursday morning to watch the festivities!!!
You know me and my BBC!
Love, Pa

Scott and Claudia said...

Would you like me to send you a barf bag honey? I am not into this one like I was with Diana. I thought she was such a wonder to watch. Too bad Charles was in love with Camilla the entire time they were married. She definitly deserved better.

Jodi said...

Trust me, I have already filled plenty of barf buckets over this one. I really can't stand it. I agree with everything you said, and I won't be waking up at 4:30 am to tune into the "Royal Wedding". Barf, spew, upchuck...all of those words seem to fit.

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