Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Pictures

His signature look.  Every time he did this my parents said "That's my Lizzy!"

I didn't pack my camera = I didn't get any pictures of the cute Bassett kids while we were at Grams and Gramps.  But I did get some of our other adventures captured (thanks to those I ventured with).
Ali, Jen, and I spent a few hours together.  It was fun to talk about birth stories and baby products, teaching and years gone by.  We went to Leo's  Delta Freeze.  My fries and shake were pretty close to as good as they usetabee but about $1.85 more and not quite as big.  Randomly enough, this picture was taken at the hospital . . . where we stopped to see Nurse Nickle!

I also was able to make a visit out to Lales, Jane, and Ellie.  I had to drive past the old homestead before leaving Sutherland.  As I drove down the dusty road that connects the Petersen place to the Bassett place I thought of all the bike rides and how careless and silly we were as kids.  "Beautiful,"  the word "beautiful" just kept coming to mind.  My childhood was beautiful and I thank my parents for the blessed circumstance.  It's just funny to think of two ten-year-olds meeting up at that corner and scavenging for the largest rocks (or slabs of cement) to throw over the bridge, in hopes that the splash from the canal might cool us off before we headed to one of our houses.  How simple, how beautiful.

We got to SLC a little early Friday so we could have brunch with the Szilagyi girls. Holding Jazz felt like a breeze!

This picture cracks me up.  "Helow Ladies!"

 Reid went straight for Jazz's doll once he saw it.  Seriously dove for it.
 The girls all looked gorgeous, and Mr Reid loved being the only fella of the crowd.  This made his pajamas more acceptable.  Typical man I guess, the ladies all do their hair and make-up and he can't even get out of his PJs.

This picture is the opposite of flattery in regards to my chunky grabs (there is nothing "lovable" about them, so I decided to give them a new name).  But I like that it shows Jess and I with our little two-day-apart delights!

Our visit really was fantastic and hopefully next time we come we can see more faces and hug more family.  


Scott and Claudia said...

Cute photos.
Clever write up.
Loved the story of you and Lales at the bridge tossing rocks in the canal. You did indeed have a charmed childhood. You are so lucky to have the wonderful parents you have!!
And we -- are so lucky to have the such a beautiful daughter, son-in-law, and grandson.
See you in June!!!
Love, Pa

Casie said...

I kept wondering if we were in town at the same time too and if we'd run into each other. Bummer. Maybe next time. And I still call it Leo's. I think that's the only name it can go by in my book now. :)

Scott and Claudia said...

Loved your post, loved your visit, loved your childhood friends, loved your life out in Sutherland, love you, Ben, and my baby boy! Mom

Jodi said...

Looks like fun! And I think it is funny that you call them grabs. You are beautiful my dear! Don't worry about it. I have found that I get them to go away, and then I have another baby and they just come back again! Why do I care and try so much? I know I want to be healthy and take care of myself, but it is a little defeating at times. Your little guy is getting so big, and he is SO cute!

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