Friday, April 22, 2011

Spoiled on Beef

This post is pretty pointless, but it just has to be said.  My Uncle Howard "makes" the best beef ever.  I love me some beef.  Burgers, meatballs, chili, steak . . . whatever form.

Sadly, beef away from the farm is pricer than other meat options.  Not to mention, ground turkey is healthier.  So I don't eat much beef nowadays.

Well, last week when I was home I made my meatball recipe with my Uncle's ground beef and it was heavenly.  I assumed this meant I should bag the ground turkey and just do it with beef all the time (as the original recipe states).   So tonight I made it with store bought ground chuck.  Not much better than the turkey.

Sad, sad face goes here.

I was so spoiled as a child!  Steak and roast were regular meals.  We didn't add any flavors to our hamburgers and they were delicious every time.  I know very few people understand it (I don't, I simply know it exists), but there is an art to good meat.  A fine, fine art.      


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Scott and Claudia said...

Yes, your Uncle knows how to raise some good tasting beef. I have seriously loved the hamburger. Such a different taste from store ground beef. Too bad you do not live close enough to raid your folk's deep freeze! Love ya, Mom

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