Saturday, April 23, 2011

For your entertainment

I'll share the conversation I had at the drive up window of a McDonald's earlier today.

We're dollar menu sort of people.  Ben use to always get the chicken nuggets and I the cheeseburger.  But the dollar menu has changed.  No more 4 piece chicken nuggets.

So, we pull up and the guy asks us what we want to order.

"Wait a second.  I'm not ready, I don't see your nuggets on here,"  I respond.

"What was that, I can't quite hear you?"  he asks

"I can't see your nuggets.  Where are your nuggets?"

Pause on his end.

"I can't find the nuggets."

Ben about wet himself with laughter.  I could hardly order after I looked across the front seat and saw his face.  He was seriously almost out of breathe.

So naturally, I start giggling uncontrollably as well.  He somehow manages to squeak out the words "Just get me a burger."

After what felt like a really long absence, the guy comes back on and says "It's #6 on the menu.  The chicken nugget six piece meal."

Oh, I could barely order.  And here we are almost 4 hours later and I'm still throwing fits over it.  I hope he enjoyed my banter as much as we did!

1 comment:

Scott and Claudia said...

Thanks for the chuckle sis!!! Tee Hee, Tee Hee!

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