Sunday, April 24, 2011

Big Deal Around Here

Today was a pretty big day for us.  I know most people reading this celebrate Easter as well, but we didn't stop there.  We also celebrated a beautiful Spring day (hopefully one of many) and our little munchkin's big 6 month mark!

We'll start with the munchkin
even though it's all about the munchkin, really...

At 6 months he weighs an even steven 20lbs (87%-tile) and is 28 3/4 inches long (98%-tile).  He's still our big little boy.  He rolls all over the place.  I don't even know why I bother putting him on floor blankets anymore.  The other day I placed him in the center of our living room so I could cook dinner and he rolled all the way over to our kitchen stool (and tried to eat it) in like 5 seconds.  Rolling is his main method of movement, but I feel crawling right on my heels.  He's actually got himself up into a crawl position a couple times, but when he moves he goes backwards instead of forward.  Kind of funny!  If he gets really worked up over a toy he'll squeeze his little arms and hands so hard under his chest that he pushes forward a bit.  But he just hasn't put the two (position and forward motion) together yet.  I'm okay with that right now!

He started eating solids.  Today.  He kind of preferred the bib to the food, so it had to be removed.  He was excited to try and help, but then we couldn't get the spoon out of his mouth so we had to "teach" him to keep his hands down.  He wanted to suck and compress to swallow, so that meant half of it went down (suck) but not before half of it spit out his sides (compress).  We prepared a generous tablespoon but he only ate about half.

As for the Spring weather . . .

The snow has melted and come back four times since I have been here.  And I don't mean like a flurry.  I mean it has melted COMPLETELY and then come back and covered the bushes.  Like 6 inches worth.  Four times!  Melt, snow, melt, snow, melt, snow, melt, snow, melt.

Anyway, I think it is finally gone for good.  We took some pictures after Church, even though Reid really just wanted his nap.  There is nice patch of trees right outside our front door.  We love it.  We'll have to set up our tripod someday and actually get a picture of all three of us together.  We only have one like that and it's from his blessing.  Shame on us.

After Reid woke up from his afternoon nap we went on a lovely walk around a small wetlands area.  I've already fallen in love with the neighborhood it is in.  Close to the school, the Y, and ponds galore . . . now to just find me a reasonably priced house and the money needed to purchase.

And now to Easter Festivities. . .  

Before you look at his Easter loot pictures I must confess.  I use to look at people's children's Easter loot and think "That's crazy to give a kid that much for Easter."  But I get it now.  These were all things we wanted to get him anyway; summer clothes, swim lessons, a stacking toy, a couple of new books . . . so why not just let the "Easter Bunny" give it to him?  I hope I always follow that rule for presents -- just give them things they'd need or want anyway but wait until the special occasion to let them have it.  So smart.  It should also be noted that I am such a sucker for a sale.  "Oh I need to buy 100 of these to get a discount, okay I'll buy 100."  Ugh.

This Easter truly was the best one I've ever had.  I was so excited about having Reid around I got on board with an old family tradition and made him a little milk carton basket.  I highly recommend this.  As a kid, we loved decorating our rabbits and as a mother my mom loved just throwing our baskets out.  As I colored what turned out to be a kind of scary rabbit for Reid I just thought of how much fun he will have in years to come, coloring his own bunny with little brothers and sisters.  I was able to prepare a special Easter lesson for my CTR 7 class and we even had a sweet little visitor, so Abby wasn't the only girl in a crowd of 5 rowdy boys.  My little boys were perfectly reverent through all of singing and sharing time.  It was an Easter miracle.  I love teaching little kids the Gospel.  They are fascinated with the tiniest details.  I love studying the Gospel with a prayer for someone else in my heart.  It's the best way to study.

I want to get all mushy and share my testimony, but this post doesn't seem to fit it.  I don't know why I've been doing more of the journal type entrys, cause I don't feel like that is what this blog is.  But let's suffice it to say I know My Savior Lives.  Of that I am deeply grateful.

Ben grilled us a yummy ham and leftover potatoes.  The weather just felt like grill weather.  And I made our favorite asparagus and a pretty good honey mustard dipping sauce.  It felt like a good, family Easter meal.  Especially since it was chased down with Butterfinger and Resses' eggs and a Raspberry-sherbet Sprite float.  Oh, Happy Easter!

I don't know why some of the photos look blurry, they don't look that way in my iPhoto or on my facebook album.  Oh well.  Enjoy anyway.


Scott and Claudia said...

Thanks for the post sis. Enjoyed reading it and enjoyed the photos that went with it. Life sounds good in Wisconsin for my Szilagyi kids. That makes a mom happy! Love ya, Mom

Dave and Marie said...

Okay Liz... I don't dither in Blogs often but... do you sleep? You have more posts and blogs than anyone I know plus you are a reading savant! (okay too extreme but you know what I mean) I'm seriously puzzled at your amount of accomplishment... typing up all of your recipes on a blog?!? Posting weekly, if not more... and they aren't short posts. Okay if you know your secret please do tell... I'm dying to get more done.

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