Friday, April 29, 2011

Since I'm out of ideas...

I found this in a list of posts I started and never finished or shared.  Thought you might enjoy.  It was written earlier this month, on the 4th.  

I love the Gospel.  I came across this on NPR:

"There are undoubtedly billions or trillions of planets out there and there are most likely billions in the Milky Way itself — just one of billions of galaxies," Kaufman says. "There are billions of planets in habitable zones in relation to their stars that would allow for water to be liquid and for other important conditions for life."

I just love that a truth Scientists are so eager to discover is something I've long been taught as part of our Eternal Plan.  I really don't get science, but it's nice to have the thought "well duh!" run across my brain when there's a ground breaking statement like this one building up in the scientific community.

As they say, Abraham and other prophets understood the universe and astronomy much better than all our modern science does.

It's awesome!

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