Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life's unanswered questions: A Review of TIMEs 100

I think we all have a list of "wonders." Like I wonder what was going on in Wisconsin last election cycle. I also wonder if Paul Ryan and Scott Walker conspired together to create "The Government's Worst Financial Ideas: How to get rich off bribes from lobbyists while making the American people suffer."

Today, I got some answers. TIME's 100 Most Influential people was my magazine of choice as I waited for two hours in my local Midas shop. Which was pleasantly clean and comfortable. If it weren't for the cost of new brakes, I would say it was a good morning. Anywho . . . Ryan's piece was written by Walker. Who opened by letting us reader's know the two never met, despite growing up just a few streets apart. Though that does answer some questions, it also causes more, like -- how many minorities live in that neighborhood and what was being taught at the nearby schools? Just to name a few.

Overall, I like TIMEs approach to the 100. There was a balance of conservatives (Ryan, Bachman, Koch) and liberals (H. Clinton, M. Obama, Oprah). I also was pleased that those chosen to write about the political figures kept biases out though I noticed only rights were asked to write about rights. Limbaugh, of course, could not refrain from bias. He wrote on Bachmann. I almost felt bad for Bachmann. Limbaugh is so disgusting and vile, I'd like to learn more about Michelle, but I don't want to learn any of it from a man who spends the whole 400 word write up trying to tear down the left. Stick to the assignment Rush! There was a laugh out loud slap to the tea party in the final five words of the Koch write up. I'd share it, but people would probably think less of me for agreeing.

So, if you're looking for something to thumb through this weekend while you wait in the check-out line, I'd suggest TIMEs 100. I learned lots of new things about world figures in the Middle East and actually found myself making a lot of sense out of a quote from a US born terrorist cleared for "MURDER" by the CIA. There's also literary geniuses, hollywood stars, and everyday citizens trying to make a difference. Obviously, no one can really pin point the 100 people who influence America the most. But hey, when you've got Amy Poehler on the list . . . I'll read it.

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