Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beat the Missionaries

This mother's day I learned I have no problem using the missionaries to my advantage.

Let me explain.

For Mother's Day the High Priests in our ward decided to take over primary and give all us Sisters a break. It was so NICE! However, my class is a bit rowdy and I was hesitant to just "relinquish" control. I think it's the "teacher" in me. Calling in sick always created so many problems ...

I was pretty adamant about staying, until the missionaries walked in. "Where's the CTR 7 class?"

RIGHT HERE! I nearly did a cartwheel of excitement!

I helped Julien with his sharing time scripture and ran out as fast as I could.

This whole post is totally irrelevant to life, but I just thought it was comical that I hesitated and hesitated until the Elders came in. I guess missionaries are like superheroes after all!

I love Ben and the present he gave me, but not having to teach my lesson really was the best gift. My kids are darling, but they wear me out. How does anyone teach elementary students?!?!?! Can Reid skip from 4 to 13 over night?

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Troy and Lisa said...

Haha! I wish I could sympathize more, but I taught kinder 3 years and love that age. High school on the other hand, scares me speechless. I'd return to my sunbeams over YW any day!

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