Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Got a text message today.

Informing me that one of my former students was killed.

11 bullet holes.

Body found in the courtyard of his apartment building, surrounded by mother and siblings.

He wasn't the type to get mixed up in that.

Honor roll student.

Achievers scholarship for $50,000 -- planning on going to Georgetown or John Hopkins.

Star Basketball player at his new school.

Always had a smile.

Never fought with anyone.

Shot dead.

On the street.


How do I grieve for his loss? How do I ever try to comprehend the fear even the brightest of kids had to live with every day. Here's a poem he wrote for the school yearbook his Sophomore (last) year.

No one speaking a word.
Walking through the dark street
you run away with a long distance scream.
You’re running from dark faces you’ve seen,
all the nightmares you have ever dreamed.
It’s just you facing reality as you get to your house
still in a daze, trying to figure out
what it’s like to
walk down Benning Road.

Why are we wasting our time talking ideas on how to help these kids? While not helping them at all.

RIP Ra-Heem. Miss your starlit eyes and beaming smile. Wish I could go for a hoops contest one more time.


Troy and Lisa said...

I am so sorry. That's terrible.

Scott and Claudia said...

Sometimes life just does not seem fair, does it? So sorry sis. Mom

Utah Youngs said...

i'm so sorry to hear about that...Like your mom said, life's not always fair. at least you have your knowledge of the gospel to help you get through it...doesn't make it any easier but it does bring some comfort. he must have been a very special spirit to be called home at such a young age...

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