Tuesday, May 24, 2011

People . . .

There are a lot of things about Wisconsin politics that I love.  I love that people here are really passionate.

But some are just plain bonkers!

How's this sound:  a small group of people (two, I believe) are filing a restraining order against the Democratic Party.

How the H*@# do you file a restraining order against an organized political group?  And I'm not talking about restraining PETA from throwing red paint on you -- that might make a little sense.  I'm talking about filing a restraint against ONE of America's only TWO real political parties, for calling your house to verify a signature.  I just can't even talk about how insane that is to me.

Passionate, I appreciate.  Petty and pretentious I do not.  I just wish these people would stop wasting the court's time.  When I think about all the tax money and campaign money wasted over all this Scott Walker nonsense I can only imagine Ben's wages could have been doubled instead of sliced if things would have just been left the way they were.

At least it's comical to think about this dimwit up in Green Bay, spending his week filing an appeal to the judge all because he thinks strangers shouldn't be able to call his house and ask him a couple of questions.  Do people in America really think they are "granted" that level of privacy?  Hope his name doesn't sound Middle Eastern!

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