Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Family

The weather this evening was perfect. Absolutely beautiful. I just had to sit out on the front porch and pour myself into the June Ensign.  I've had the feeling that something in that issue was going to strike me, and considering it's now the 16th of the month, it was about time I investigated what it might be.

Defending the Family in a Troubled World, by Elder Bruce D Porter.  It was amazing.  More spectacular than the 72 degree weather during a clear summer sunset.  I think I was particularly drawn in because the comments from yesterday's post were still on my mind.

"If families do not fulfill their divinely appointed purpose of carrying on the light of truth  . . .  we can throw any amount of money or ideas or programs at our world's problems, and we will assuredly fail."

The article closes with a discussion on tolerance.  The definition is perfect.  I want my children to be tolerant of others.  But I need them to know tolerance isn't "accepting" others theories, tolerance is simply listening to them.  We can never let tolerance change our attitude toward what is morale, what is right and wrong.  Perhaps most importantly, I need them to know:

"tolerance is surely a secondary virtue in comparison with the far higher virtue of love.  Certainly it is good to be tolerant of those who are different than we are, treating them with kindness and civility.  But love, or charity, is the highest of all, and it is far better to genuinely love those with who we differ."

I could quote so much more from this article, but why rob you of the joy of just reading it yourself? Hopefully, while doing so, the weather will be as complimentary for you as it was for me.

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Riki Lee said...

I completely agree! Just read that article on Sunday and was blown away by some of the statistics. I also loved his discussion on tolerance.

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