Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pity Party

Ben is out of town all this coming week, insert a billion sad faces here.  He will be missed, but the work he does for us will be missed the most.

He wakes up with Reid every morning.  Changes his diaper, gives him his medicine, and makes him giggle; all before I can make my debut.
The moment he gets home Reid is pretty much all his.
He takes Reid out to run errands so I can have the house to myself.
He changes pretty much every weekend diaper (and outfit).
He watches Reid the whole time we attend Church.
All of Reid's baths are given to him via his dad (thank goodness!).
Ben reads a bedtime story to the two of us while Reid eats his last meal.
And so much more...

I really might go crazy without him.  He is such a wonderful father.  While my mom was staying with us, Ben was changing a diaper and giving raspberries and as Reid's laughter filled our house my mom just looked at me and smiled, "He's one lucky little boy."  
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