Friday, June 24, 2011


I don't really know what that word means, but I wanted to use it for this post.  I've been going back and reading posts from the first two years of this blog, and boy, they are a crack up!

Was my job at Dunbar really that crazy?  I guess it was.  I think I've purposefully suppressed some of those memories, like coaching the girls JV Basketball team.  What a nightmare.

All in all, I really miss my Dunbar experiences.  Deal was fabulous and I really don't think I could have ever gotten pregnant and gone to work pregnant while working at Dunbar.  I know it was all Divinely set up, but sometimes I still really wish I could have stayed at Dunbar through all my DCPS years.

Teaching inner city was always my intent.  I remember the comments I'd get.  Well, not really the comments directed to me, just the ones directed at me.  "Why would she want to teach those kids?" was perhaps the worst one.  I was sitting in a chair in the faculty room at Mountain Crest High School, where I was student teaching, and the teacher asking the question couldn't even ask me, even though she was 5 feet away, looking right at me, she had to ask my co-operating teacher.

Well, I've taught "both" kinds of kids.  And I'm happy to report, the ones I love and miss the most are "those kind."

Anyway, I'm thinking of giving this blog a serious face lift, so don't be alarmed if I screw up and just delete the whole thing.  For as much as I blog, I really know very little about blogger, can't work my way around it too smoothly.  So we'll see how this all goes.  

Punctuationally speaking, this post is a nightmare, and I don't really want to fix it.  So I hope my "voice" prevails over my misguided grammar.


Troy and Lisa said...

I taught in Kearns which is as "inner city" as Utah gets, but I got the same comments when I student taught! I was at a rich school in Kaysville and the teachers told me to my face that I should teach at a nicer school because "those kids" are so hard and not worth it. I'm glad people like you are willing to teach "those kids." I don't think I would have been happy somewhere else. "Those kids" needed me and I felt like I had nothing to offer to the rich kids I student taught. We just didn't connect. But I love and dearly miss my kiddies from Kearns!

Scott and Claudia said...

Ask yourself: "Was my job at Dunbar really that crazy?" or "Was I really that crazy at my Dunbar job?" Who was it you or the school? I suppose both is the correct answer. From one crazy Bassett to another have a good evening. I love you sis! Mom

P.S. I've raised all kinds of kids and the ones I love the most are all those kinds!!!

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