Thursday, August 11, 2011


Motherhood changes lots of things about a woman. Some changes are more obvious than others, and some just really throw me for a loop.

Like packing.  I use to LOVE packing (for trips to Utah or National Parks, or when we'd move apartments, any kind of packing).  Light was a motto I prided myself on (and it never once failed me, we drove to DC with everything in (or on) our car).  Packing days in advance was an other one of my strong points.

With Reid in the picture? The thought of packing light is out the window before I even take the suitcase out of the garage! I even pack heavier (is that really a term I can use for packing? it's opposite light . . . anyway I even pack heavier) for myself. My carry on doesn't just include three extra outfits for Reid, it also has one or two for me. Lately, he is better at puking all over anyone but himself, so this is necessary.  You may even remember the last time we flew to Utah, and I changed outfits infront of several grown men.

Ok, this post is really pointless, except that it gives me one more reason to avoid the half packed suitcase sitting in the corner of my living room.  I really really dread packing, something I use to love.  I really had no idea kids changed such random little parts of your inner being.   


Casie said...

Sometimes I read your blog and I think we were perhaps twins separated at birth. I am the EXACT same way!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you no long love packing. Tough!! Cowgirl up and get that case packed! We're waiting anxiously.
Love, Pa

Laura said...

I am SOOOOOO excited for you to get here!

Scott and Claudia said...

Would you like some cheese with your whine? Just get to packing girl! I am getting your bedroom all ready. You will be in the green room with the blow up mattress. You can get even with pa and pop it if you'd like, but then again better not cuz then you would be on the floor! Mom

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