Monday, August 8, 2011

Summers in the Midwest

Shortly after marrying Ben, I learned summers in the Midwest are idyllic.

We've had a few miserably hot days, but for the most part every day is a great chance to venture outdoors.  This weekend was no exception.  Saturday was absolutely fabulous, and I don't have a single picture to prove it.

So close your eyes (but keep reading) and just imagine my adorable little boy giggling uncontrollably at a pen full of camels.  He was seriously in LOVE with the camels we visited at the county fair petting zoo. Had I known we'd get into the petting zoo I would have packed a camera. All I really expected was a cheap county fair breakfast, we were still in the wee hours of the morning and the fair hadn't officially opened it's gates.  Luckily, all the livestock barns (and petting zoo barn) were alive with activity.  So we wandered around (for 1/4 the price of the fair) and had ourselves a gay old time.  Fluffy fluffy rabbits, gorgeous horses, ginormous Holsteins, mini zebras, cuddly pigs, lazy tigers, and bright Tucahns were all just a portion of our findings. Around the farm animals, Reid was a little tense but still very happy, but once we got to the petting zoo all tenseness wore off and the kid experienced pure joy.

We came home and he took his morning nap.  But once he arose we headed downtown Oshkosh for the weekly Farmer's Market.  I LOVE Farmer's Markets. Fresh picked produce for half the cost of your local grocery store is just so exciting.  Not to mention the crowd is typically more "hippie-ish" than you'd find at the grocery store.  I just love the laid back atmosphere.  After the market we headed to the library.  I've mentioned before that the play area is perfect for Reid, and I love all the free baby books.  Libraries are pure gold in my mind.

Finding ourselves at home once again, Reid took his afternoon nap.  Upon awakening we all headed to our complex pool and swam, swam away. Outdoor pools always feel so relaxing at the end of a nice summer day. This one did not disappoint.  We came home and BBQ'd some sausages and fresh corn and simply basked in the beauty of a Midwest Summer Day.

Yesterday was nearly as wonderful.  Reid was so cuddly during Church (since he woke up at 4:40am and hardly napped before arriving).  Late afternoon we went to a ward family's house for dinner (they had been to the farmer's market as well, and the fresh potatoes were yummy!).  We ended the evening at our dear neighbors (elderly couple), picking some produce from their AMAZING garden. I just love chatting with the Kempers.  They are as sweet as you could ever imagine a couple of 60 years.  They have the wisdom of a well traveled life, the faith of a strongly rooted testimony, and the sincerity of the humblest creatures on Earth. I've decided Reid will adopt them as his own Great-Grandparents. I can't think of many blessings that would be greater for him to enjoy.   


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the neighbors can be the Aunt June and Uncle Jack of your own childhood. I am so thankful for the Kempers. They really could be Reid's surrogate grandparents -- ma and I are knocking on the doors of sixty -- but we're still a few years out on being great grandparents!!!

Your midwest summers sound enviable. As you waxed so eloquent with your prose, I could picture every minute of your weekend! Thanks for the visual picture.

Only 5 more days...and counting!!!


Scott and Claudia said...

That was a most wonderful post! I could see it,hear it, smell it, and feel it. It is a wonderful life is it not?! Love ya to the moon and back! Mom

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