Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Kitchen Master

Reid loves the kitchen.  I've tried to bribe him with TV while I cook, but it just doesn't work.

Yesterday, while I was cooking his lunch, I stepped out of the kitchen area for a quick second.  I'd left his cupboard open for him. What is his cupboard you ask? Well, a wise nurse practitioner told us to put all the kid safe things in one cupboard to make baby proofing easy. Brilliant. Reid loves his cupboard!  As you will see below.  

When I returned from my simple chore, I found this . . .
I'm still not really sure how or why he crawled in, but he was very content to stay in the skillet.
Kind of a perfect fit.  What a goof!

Tonight, his entire dinner was finger foods. I like to let him feed himself a few things each day, but it's never a whole meal. These pictures really don't do it any justice, but I'm going to share a few too many of them anyway. So enjoy!

 I love watching his chubby little hands put small food items in his mouth. 
But just wait for it . . .
Yup, his arm was hiding the graham cracker, which was stuck to his shirt.
I guess it's just too hard to get everything, even some of the bigger items, in the hole.
With a little help, he discovered the missing dessert and started chomping away.
He's definitely going to have the Bassett crooked smile.  Look at that mouth!
Here's a glimpse of the arm, face, and tray.
He even got some on the table, just imagine what the floor looked like!
 "Alright Mom, I'm done with pictures. 
Can I take a bath now?"

The boy loves baths.  He didn't even mind floating around with rice, beans, corn, cilantro, onions, and crumbs. He and his ducky had a blast. He bawled pretty hysterically when it was time to get out.


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh... I'm missing my cute little Reid and of course his mama and papa too. Those pictures are too adorable.
Love, Pa

Anonymous said...

And for dessert....he had his fingers!!! I swear he has grown up in the last month!!! He so looks like a little boy now and not a baby. Boo hoo, boo hoo. Missing the Szilagyi's here in Delta! Mom

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